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The Joseph A. Walkes, Jr.
Commission on
Bogus Masonic Practices

The Order of Freemasonry holds high membership standards but membership in the Order is so compelling that even when a member is forcibly ejected under sentence of expulsion, the disgraced former-member may use his knowledge of the Order to create a bogus lodge under his control. Men like John G. Jones in Illinois and Robert Fletcher in California did just this a century ago, and the bogus groups derived from their activity continue to flourish today. These men had no Masonic authority to form lodges, so the lodges they formed are listed here as bogus. It is unfortunate about the men they duped to come into their lodges. These men can apply for membership in a legitimate lodge, but legitimate lodges will not accept the bogus organizations that defrauded them.

I would not think very much of a merchant that would sell me a fine looking gay looking suit that seems to fit so well at home, and then when I get out in company or among strangers it gets so small I can not get in it. PGM H.R. Butler (GA)

Our Mission

The Mission of this commission is to expose to the Prince Hall Freemason, Mainstream Freemason and the Public at Large those groups that cannot trace their lineage to African Lodge Number 459 or the United Grand Lodge of England, Ireland, or Scotland. This commission's purpose also is to educate the innocent Bogus Mason of his origins.

Brother Stephen Hill, FPS (California) organized this commission and we were asked to continue it. I thank him for setting the tone for this group.

It is our hope that all Prince Hall Grand Lodges are on the same page when it comes to dealing with these groups. That is getting rid of them and bringing them into our ranks. By this effort, teaching them true Masonic law.

With the recognition wheel rolling, it is my concern that the Prince Hall and Mainstream Mason do not give these Bogus organizations “credibility” by speaking with and fraternizing with them.

The articles and information presented are taken from reputable documentation: proceedings, books, papers and actual web sites. 

I hope that you benefit from this site, and if you can recommend anything to enhance the site (articles, documents, etc.) we would greatly appreciate hearing from you. 

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