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The Phylaxis Society is not a Masonic organization, but is a voluntary association of Freemasons who wish to learn more about Prince Hall Freemasonry, the branch of Freemasonry that derives from the predominantly African-American lodges and grand lodges having African Lodge 459 as their ancestor. Our motto says that we are a society of Prince Hall Masons, but we accept into membership any Freemason whose grand lodge is recognized by the Conference of Prince Hall Grand Masters or recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England.

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phyllis emblemThe Phyllis Chapter is an association of Eastern Stars adopted by the Phylaxis Society who meet annually at the same time and place as the Phylaxis Society.

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walkes photoJoseph A. Walkes was the founder and first president of the Phylaxis Society. During his lifetime, he selected some of his writings to be placed on his personal web site. Joesph A. Walkes, Jr. is an acknowledged expert on the history of Prince Hall Freemasonry.

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williams photoJohn B. Williams, during his term as third president of the Phylaxis Society, selected several images and writings to be featured on his personal web site.

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commission emblemA passion of the founder and first president of the Phylaxis Society was exposing those organizations and associations who style themselves as Masonic, but who are not acknowledged as being Masonic by legitimate Masonic authority. This branch of our web site contains the work of the Joseph A. Walkes, Jr. Commission on Bogus Masonic Practices established by the Phylaxis Society to educate the public about these groups.

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chi rho emblem The Chi Rho Fraternity is an independent organization that meets at the same time and place as the Phylaxis Society and that takes its members only from members of the Society.

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